Christadelphians singles dating service matchmaker


Applicants for membership into the Christadelphian Introduction Service will be required to provide the following data once they have been permitted to create an online (yet private) profile:

+ Name

+ Mailing address

+ Phone number(s)

+ Email address(es)

+ Marital status (e.g., never married, widowed, number of dependents)

+ Physical attributes (e.g., age, race, height, weight, hair length, medical details, alcohol/tobacco usage, exercise)

+ Personality (e.g., Life goals, hobbies, skills, attitudes, how you spend your time)

+ Where you worship

+ Name and address of a character reference who can be contacted, if necessary, to vouch for the accuracy of your ecclesial standing and marital status

+ Education background

+ Employment status and background, including future career goals

+ Living/housing arrangement, including pets

+ Your desire to have children

+ Digital photographs (A minimum of 2 are required, although up to 6 images may be uploaded)

Along with the above parameters, the member will also be required to specify what they are looking for in a marriage partner. This will allow the matchmaker to better match our members.

If you would like to begin the application process, please click here.


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