Christadelphian matchmaker, dating and Introduction Service


The Christadelphian Introduction Service is a free service available to Christadelphians worldwide who meet certain requirements.

Applicants must be:

+ Single (not married)

+ Over the age of 21

+ Baptized and in good fellowship standing

+ Seeking a marriage partner within the Christadelphian community

If you meet all of the above qualifications then you are welcome to apply for membership. Membership is a multi-stage process and involves the following steps:

1) The applicant will send a request for membership and provide a few brief details about themselves (name, location, email, history/service within the Christadelphian community).

2) The request will be considered, and once approved the applicant will be asked to answer several questions to better confirm their identity.

3) If the interviewer is satisfied with the applicant's answers, the applicant will be allowed to create a personal (yet private) online profile of themselves using a web browser. This profile will require that the applicant provide us with more details about themselves, and about the type of person of the opposite sex that they would be interested in being introduced to. For more details on what will be included in this personal, private profile click here.

4) If our international network of "matchmaking assistants" do not recognize your name, or if they cannot find your name in any Christadelphian directory, then the applicant will be asked for the name and mailing address of another Christadelphian who can vouch as a character witness. In such cases the applicant's membership will not become active until we have contacted and received a positive report back from this third party witness.

5) Once all of these steps have been completed, a matchmaker will attempt to find matches within our member database based upon the criteria that you have provided us with. No match is forced upon you. The member gets to choose whether a potential match is of interest to them before any names and email addresses are revealed.

If you would like to begin the application process, please click here.


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