Paul, in a passage of great beauty, lifted the marriage law to a higher dimension when he added to the figure of God as the husband of Israel, that of Christ as the bridegroom of the ecclesia.

In clear terms he showed that as Christ is the head of the ecclesia so must the man be the head of the wife: the husband who fails to realize his spiritual responsibility in this respect, and the wife who fails to be dutiful to her husband, are disobedient to the teaching of Jesus. But neither must dominate the other; neither must live his life, even in the service of the Truth, regardless of the other.

The husband who gives himself to spiritual service without regard to the possible psychological and spiritual consequences to a wife who has to pursue her lonely task of caring for a family, is guilty of a lack of spiritual proportion; and the wife who throws herself so completely into spiritual activities as to neglect both husband and family, is likewise guilty.

Jesus gave his life for the ecclesia; that is how the husband, even though he is the head, should love his wife; the ecclesia is the bride of Christ, and that is how the wife should love her husband ...

Marriage, properly understood and lived, is a part of the divine fellowship in which love, patience, sympathy, understanding and service can be truly learned, and happy is the couple from whom these flow to the rest of the household of faith, for their reward will be the eternal blessing of God, the Father.

John Marshall, The New Life, page 89
Source: The Christadelphian : Volume 136. pp. 13-14

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